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Providing event attendees with a great view is always a goal for venues, but the tiered seating must also meet the budget, space, and code parameters of the venue. With comfort, convenience, and cost being primary concerns of the venue owners; design professionals and contractors have the challenge of meeting the client’s needs within the constraints of each individual project.  That’s where the unique qualifications of the Stadium Savers team members come into play.

Stadium Savers provides an economical, practical, and proven alternative to acheive stadium seating in an existing or new building. Modern auditoriums, sports venues, and churches provide tiered seating areas to enhance the spectators viewing experience.

System features include precut EPS Geofoam blocks that are stacked and secured with Gripper Plates as laid out on shop drawings provided by Stadium Savers. No need or expense to form and pour the vertical concrete surface. The Stadium Savers metal risers are the finished risers. The concrete tread platforms are poured on the horizontal surfaces.

We don’t expect our clients to entrust their projects to anyone but the best team available. That’s why our experts devoted a tremendous amount of time and expertise into developing a tiered stadium seating system that’s not only cost efficient, but also comfortable and attractive.

“Having been the first time we attempted the installation process of Stadium Savers, you and your team made it as easy as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. From design through inventory and delivery, to all advice that was given prior to, throughout installation, and addressing the few hiccups that arose during installation, we couldn’t be more pleased.”
Kevin Sheets, Shiel Sexton Co. Inc.
“The gist of our positive experiences with Stadium Savers are 1) flexibility of scheduling 2) the speed of installing the foam riser systems 3) reliability of Stadium Savers’ service and 4) a theatre flooring that is durable and satisfying to the moviegoer, as steel constructed or earth mound stadium risers. It puzzles me that foam systems aren’t being used in all new theater construction.”
Robert Goodrich, Goodrich Quality Theaters
“I can say without hesitation or reservation that Stadium Savers is far superior to others we have dealt with. Installation is very easy, with easy to follow shop drawings. I especially like the way the metal is manufactured and assembled with the foam. This provides better strength and support than other systems I have seen. Customer service is excellent. We have had great success in getting many questions answered and also with Stadium Savers having the ability to come up with great plans based on not so great initial drawings.”
Steve Zimmerman, Sonic Equipment Company
“Stadium Savers has always worked very openly and collaboratively with Roncelli in the establishment of successful approaches to our projects. In each instance, our project goals and objectives have been fully met with the assistance of your team’s exceptional performance. Stadium Savers has an impeccable track record of being attentive and responsive to our concerns, always displaying a sense of urgency, and has implemented viable, safe, fast track fabrication and delivery schedules to achieve the quality standards identified within every project’s design documents to our total satisfaction. Our owners and design partners continue to be pleased with the products provided by Stadium Savers.”
Dennis Bishop, PE, Roncelli Inc.
“We have been using Stadium Savers for years and plan on using them for years more in the future. It is by far the easiest way to do Stadium Seating and the crew at Stadium Savers makes it easier yet.”
Mick Stieler, Showplace Cinemas
“National Commercial Builders, Inc. has been using Stadium Savers’ system for over 12 years in various applications, including new stadium seating, conversions from slope floors to stadium and infill of sloped floors to make level for kitchens installed into former theaters. NCB has found Stadium Savers to be reliable, competitive and all around good folks to work with.”
Sheldon Oxner, National Commercial Builders
“We have been doing business with Stadium Savers for more than 10 years and look forward to doing business with them for 10 more.”
Jim King, Sonic Equipment Company
“I had the opportunity to work with Stadium Savers on two separate movie theater projects. While working with them I experienced great communication, willingness to work thru any issues, fast response to any questions we had and just an overall GREAT experience working with them. I would highly recommend Stadium Savers on any future projects.”
Chris Kuhl, Wolgast Corp.

RISING ABOVE the expensive and time-consuming process of traditional stadium construction SINCE 1997.

Roughly two decades ago, theatre patrons started demanding theatre owners start constructing facilities that were more convenient and provided a better viewing experience. That’s when the Stadium Savers tiered seating system was conceived.

The original concept was to provide a strategy for existing property owners to renovate their facilities to eliminate the old, sloping floor systems. The system proved to be successful and allowed theatre owners to update their properties and extend the useful lives of their auditoriums. However, other types of facilities soon saw the advantages of tiered seating systems.

Today, the Stadium Saver team provides quality seating systems for schools, churches, all sizes of auditoriums, and other facilities where seating with optimal viewing opportunities are needed. Regardless of the project type, our team will work with property owners, architects, and project managers to ensure the best tiered seating options available are installed.

In addition, we now routinely work with new construction as well as renovations, as the stadium seating system we developed has proven to be versatile enough to meet the needs of a variety of projects. The Stadium Savers seating systems continue to provide high-quality, cost-effective options for virtually any project configuration.