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New Standard Detail Sheets

We are very excited to roll out something new for Architects who already do or are looking to specify us. Nearly since our website was created, we posted a word file of our specification for Architects to download for use in their construction documents. We now offer detail sheets that serve the same purpose, only [...]

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Construct Trade Show 2017 in Providence, RI

Construct Conference in Providence, RI. Dwight Huskey was manning our booth (1104) at this year's Construct Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI. The show was Thursday, September 14 from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and Friday, September 15 from 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM. We loved meeting some great new contacts [...]

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Stadium Savers Lunch and Learn with Paradigm Design

On June 21st, Stadium Savers visited Paradigm Design, an architectural/engineering firm in Walker, Michigan, to educate their staff on the ins and outs of tiered seating. The lunch and learn was an excellent opportunity to speak on not only the EPS based permanent forming system for tiered seating, but the background and history of the [...]

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Tall Riser System Delivers

In March 2009, Stadium Savers introduced the patented Tall Riser System. The system utilizes multiple brace points over the formwork height to counteract the tendency of very tall risers to bow outward under the weight of concrete. In the summer of 2009 two prominent theatre projects benefited from the new system. The Marcus Midtown Crossing [...]

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Stadium Savers goes “Green” on First Federal Project

Stadium Savers tiered seating system was installed in August 2009 in the new Fort Sam Houston Medical Instructional Facility Auditorium, in San Antonio, Texas. The Stadium Savers Geofoam system was selected for economy and ease of installation. An additional benefit was realized from the contribution of the Stadium Savers materials to the recycled material LEED [...]

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Tiered Seating Considerations

Tiered seating in churches has grown in popularity in recent years. The unobstructed sight lines provided by tiered sanctuary seating gives worshipers a strong connection to the activities at the front of the church. Choirs sitting on tiers facing the congregation reinforce this connection, and choir rehearsal rooms often are tiered to replicate the sanctuary choir loft. Additionally, tiered conference rooms and classrooms provide excellent environments to hear and understand speakers. The design and construction of all of these areas present common challenges. […]

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