The system is relatively simple, using factory-cut Geofoam that’s designed to fit your space. Once the foam is installed, the metal riser system is installed using our pre-fabricated components.

The system acts as a screed for pouring the concrete needed to create the tiers. That speeds up construction time, reduces total costs, and means deadlines can readily be accommodated.

The foam block sizes are created to easily accommodate any riser heights, and the blocks can easily be carried by one person, keeping labor costs lower and speeding up the installation process.

The system includes Stadium Savers-supplied Galvanneal risers of varying heights designed for either straight or radiused designs. Ten foot risers are easily laid out to accommodate the Geofoam blocks. “J” connectors are used to create a uniform span of riser and support brackets are then pressed into horizontal receiver tabs. After the brackets are all installed in the risers, the support brackets are pressed into the Geofoam blocks. While some care is necessary to ensure all tabs are firmly in place, the process is relatively straightforward. When the metal riser is in place, stakes are installed to anchor the risers to the Geofoam and maintain the correct alignment.

Because of the simple nature of the system, the actual installation process doesn’t require specialized tools or welding which, once again, keeps costs lower and reduces the need for large, specially trained crews.


Stadium-Savers-step-graphic-500x626 Stadium Savers develops engineered shop drawings based on your project’s configurations. Upon completion of the engineering, we utilize factory-cut Geofoam to create a permanent form system within your space. Following placement of the foam, our metal riser system is installed on the front edge of each platform with our turn-key pre-fabricated components. Our risers act as a screed for pouring concrete on the platforms or stadium seating tiers.

Stadium Savers Ltd. accelerates the forming and concrete placement times using EPS blocks, stacked in the riser configuration with Stadium Savers metal risers anchored to the Geofoam blocks.


Stadium Savers EPS Geofoam blocks are precut to the configuration of the stadium seating risers and stadium seating design layout.

A standard block size is 48” x 96” by the riser height. If the riser height is 14”, the 48” x 96” x 14” piece can easily be carried by a single individual. Each piece is marked so that the installer can easily determine the intended location. For instance, the first layer is labeled “A” and the first block is “1”; therefore the A-1 block is the first block to go into the back of the auditorium. Likewise, block B-1 would be the first block (installed in the back of the auditorium) in the second layer, and so on.

Each 4 x 8 block is secured to the preceding layer with three gripper plates, which are 4” x 4” galvanized plates that have teeth pointing up and down. The plate is pressed into the lower block and the succeeding upper block is pressed onto the gripper plate. The gripper plates keep the blocks from shifting. In a typical auditorium, a crew of three or four laborers can easily assemble a complete studio in less than one day.


Stadium Savers provides Galvanneal risers that will service risers of varying heights for straight or radiused stadium design configurations. The risers have welded tabs to receive support brackets, also furnished by Stadium Savers.

The 10-foot risers are laid out in front of the Geofoam blocks. The end section is cut to fit, with tolerance, between the surround walls. The risers are aligned using a welded “J” connector bracket that is pressed into the top leg of the risers. Next, the support brackets are pressed into the horizontal welded receiver tabs, located every 24 inches. Once the brackets have all been pressed into the metal risers, the tabs on the support brackets can then be pressed into the Geofoam blocks. The tabs need to be firmly placed as you work along the length of the riser.

The Stadium Savers Ltd. EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system is based upon simple mechanical connections requiring no special tools or welding. Caution: Do not weld or allow open flame near Geofoam.

When the metal riser is in place, foam stakes are placed along the bottom of the risers to anchor the risers to the Geofoam to maintain total alignment.


Step forms are available to accommodate side and center step configurations.  Available in single and multiple forms, angled ends, bull nosed, etc.; Stadium Savers offers any configuration necessary for a project’s needs.  When coupled with appropriate handrails, the steps provide safe access to all tiers.

Double Side Step

Step forms for side aisle steps with wall- mounted handrails by others


Center Step

Step forms for center aisles, including two handrails furnished by Stadium Savers



As a rule, the necessary concrete is poured working from the top riser platform down. Since the metal risers are the finished riser face, caution must be exercised to avoid dislodging or damaging the risers. In most cases, a four-inch layer of concrete will be sufficient. If necessary, a six-inch layer of concrete may be used where required. A structural engineer should always be consulted to determine whether the use of extra concrete is necessary. The contractor used should supply the concrete finish required for the specific project.

Stadium Savers encourages clients to ask questions at any time during the design and construction phases of a project to minimize problems and ensure the finished product meets the facility’s needs. While the process is simple, there is the potential for questions to arise during the construction process, and we’re always available to supply guidance.