Answer: The density is .9 lbs per cubic foot. Stadium Savers Geofoam complies with ASTM D 6817, type EPS15.
Answer: 3.6 PSI at 1% strain, or 518 PSF
Answer: Since Geofoam is dimensionally stable, there is not a limit. We have provided material for stadium seating theatres where the upper tiers are over 16’-0” high.
Answer: It can be expensive to fill large volumes with foam. We feel that a better solution is to create rooms beneath areas that exceed 9’ in height. The cost of the room can typically be offset by eliminating the volume of Geofoam that the space represents. Stadium Savers can provide technical assistance to help evaluate the options.
Answer: Yes, we are not limited by complex geometric designs.
Answer: Yes, we have a complete EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system that can includes pre-drilled risers and bolt assemblies to eliminate field drilling. Contact us for more complete information.
Answer: Yes, we can provide any riser height 4” and higher.
Answer: We can provide design data for your structural engineer or complete seismic
analysis for our system. Contact us for more detailed information.
Answer: Any building that includes tiered or stadium seating; theatres, performing arts facilities, churches, educational facilities, auditoriums, Stadiums & arenas and more.
Answer: No, we offer a completely engineered system. Steel risers are factory “punched” allowing parts to be pushed together. Foam layers are held together utilizing gripper plates, eliminating the need for field purchased adhesives.
Answer: No, well compacted granular fill will suffice.
Answer: Speed! Many tiered seating auditoriums can be accomplished by locally available labor in just a few hours.
Answer: No, all foam arrives to the jobsite precut and ready to lay in place with locally available labor. No experience or special skills are needed to install our system. General trades or concrete subcontractors usually install our system.
Answer: That varies based on size of the area being installed. We will provide an estimate based on our experience with similar facilities.

For answers to additional questions, or technical assistance, contact us at 616-785-5598.

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