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Design teams always have budget constraints to worry about and constantly seek new and innovative ways to meet their clients’ needs. At Stadium Savers, our EPS Geofoam riser systems make it possible for designers to select tiered seating option that’s ready to install without needing additional engineering.

Of course, if there are any questions or concerns, our staff members are ready to respond and provide support to ensure there are no issues with our product systems. Since our design is easily adapted to virtually any setting, Stadium Savers tiered seating system makes construction a simple process. Our support team is on hand to respond to questions throughout the design and installation process.

  • Stadium Savers EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system is a turn-key, engineered product and requires no additional engineering or design by the project Architect
  • All of the component design and detailing is done by Stadium Savers Ltd.
  • With over 60 years experience in the auditorium design and construction marketplace, Stadium Savers Ltd. team provides support and assistance that is second to none
  • Adaptable to any configuration
  • Based on the Architectural design, Stadium Savers Ltd. engineers the EPS Geofoam to get the maximum yield.
  • Reduces design costs for Architects and Clients
  • Stadium Savers Ltd. provides an Architectural design specification for our EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system.


The ease of construction offered by the Stadium Savers EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system also reduces the total costs of general contractors. There is no need for highly specialized personnel as the system is designed to be easily installed even without the assistance of technical or skilled laborers on site.

In just about every instance, timing of product deliveries is an issue. Our team works closely with contractors to make sure materials are delivered where and when they’re needed. That means there is no worry about the seating system being damaged during any storage period and projects won’t be delayed by a late delivery.

Since the majority of the system is prefabricated and ready to install when delivered, prep time is minimized and crew members can begin the actual installation process sooner. Because labor is such a significant component of a project’s total costs, any reduction in required installation hours cuts those costs and increases potential profits.

Again, the Stadium Savers team is always available to answer questions to ensure contractors have ready access to all necessary specifications throughout the construction project. Since construction errors can be costly in terms of both money and time, that immediate access to any required information cuts costs and reduces the potential for expensive downtime while corrections are made.

  • Stadium Savers EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system is a quick and installation-friendly product.
  • All components of the system are pre-fabricated and ready to install, allowing prompt and efficient installation utilizing unskilled labor
  • By timing the logistics with the construction sequence, Stadium Savers Ltd. ensures just-in-time delivery of materials to the jobsite
  • Stadium Savers Ltd. offers construction support from receipt of contract through concrete pour
  • No hidden costs


Property owners have a variety of needs our team is ready and able to address. Construction time is always critical, with project end dates being vitally important. When the Stadium Savers EPS Geofoam stadium riser system is selected, overall construction time can be reduced, as the system is designed to be installed quickly.

That means expensive, short-term financing can be converted to long-term options faster. Even a few weeks can make a significant difference in the total project cost, saving investors’ money and making it possible to start generating income sooner.

Facility owners must also consider the comfort of patrons. That’s the ultimate test of any tiered seating, and our system is designed to both look good and improve the patron’s experience by absorbing vibration and noise. In any venue, comfort is a true asset, as patrons are less likely to revisit a theatre, stadium, church, or any other facility if there is anything lacking in the experience.

  • By timing the logistics with the construction sequence and a just-in-time delivery system, Stadium Savers Ltd. can help business owners start gaining revenues sooner
  • Installation time is minimized because we understand that you lose money every day that your business is out of commission
  • Move from interim to permanent financing sooner